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Promotion Achieved

Master Class

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Sound familiar??


Have you been feeling under-valued, frustrated or bored in your current position?


Maybe you feel like you should have progressed further in your career by now?


Maybe you feel like your current employer has pigeon-holed you to the point where you feel trapped in your current role? 

Well let me tell you that you are not alone in your thoughts!

I felt like promotions were really hard to come by, especially if I wanted to stay within the same company. I found myself moving up the corporate ladder mainly by moving from one company to another every couple of years or so! But eventually I realised that I didn't want to do that anymore.


I had found a company that I enjoyed working for and wanted to progress internally. I also needed to now consider my wider life goals such as buying properties and how moving to another employer would impact my ability to secure a mortgage in the time framed I desired. My family was growing and I needed the security of a stable and familiar setting while my life transitioned in other areas.


I needed to get it together and figure out how to showcase my abilities and value to my employer. I needed to figure out how to make them aware that I believed in the company and that I had the skills to deliver on their goals.

That's exactly what I did and IT WORKED!

Over and over again!

Business People Talking

I decided to share my methods with my peers and they too were able to secure career progressive promotions! I realised then that I wanted to share this with others.

Promotion Achieved

Master Class

There are many of us in the position I once was. I navigated my way through the nuances that accompany being black/brown in a majority white corporate setting and I overcame them! I knew I couldn't sleep on this. I knew that so many of us shrink ourselves in spaces where we stick out like a sore thumb. We're hyper conscious of how we are perceived and often the weight of that causes us to refrain from moving at all. But we're no longer playing that part! We realise now that we are more than capable of progressing in our fields.

The Empowered By Experience Master Class will be walking you through 5 steps you can take to secure your promotion with confidence and ease! It is not to be missed. I designed the masterclass to guide you through a proven strategy of career progressive promotion that will eliminate any feelings of doubt, overwhelm and fear. We've got this. Together!

This master class is about taking back control and becoming an active participant in your career progression. No longer will you feel stuck, hopeless or defeated. The masterclass will leave you with the skills needed for you to feel empowered, confident and in ready to take your next steps!

If you want to gain the skills and confidence to take your career by the horns Welcome to the Empowered By Experience Master Class.

An online, virtual experience to guide you to your next promotion.

You will also meet like-minded people and have the opportunity to network AND share your experiences.

Your host and teacher is Marie Christine Andela

Marie Christine Andela is a Finance and Accounting Professional with extensive experience in The City of London.

Her experience includes Pension Fund Accountant at The Royal Bank of Scotland,
 Investment Controller in real estate, private debt for Federate Hermes, fund controller and Director-Finance in early 2021 where she oversees a pan-European Real Estate portfolio of €2.1Bn of AUM. 

Marie Christine is passionate about the career ascension of Black and Ethnic Women within corporate settings and in particular within financial services and has been supporting individuals and groups in their pursuit of career progression through speaking engagements, coaching and mentoring. 


During the master class I will talk you through 5 steps towards your promotion:


Planning your Promotion


Make your intentions clear


Choose your projects strategically


Deliver exceptional value


Lead a team

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